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Avondale was founded in 1906 and is based in Putney, South West London.   Our players come from across the globe and range in age from 18 to well over 60 and in ability from near novice to ex-internationals. We have two teams in each of the men’s London and Surrey leagues and a team in the National League. Although the heady days of us regularly winning the London Premiership are temporarily behind us the pleasure we get from playing and more often than not winning is as strong as ever.

The club remains as it always has, a very sociable one, where the Killer competition in training each week, post match or post training drinks and regular social events are as much a part of the club as the water polo. The eagle eyed might see Avondale trunks in may parts of the world...

If you want a very friendly, enthusiastic club that caters for most standards of polo look no further!

Avondale Polo Players
Avondale Global Brand

If you decide to join, there's a one-off joining fee of £38 to cover ASA registration and membership is £40 per month. This covers the 8 sessions every month and all equipment. All permanent members pay by standing order (bank details will be supplied if you decide to join). If you're only likely to be around for a few months we can usually organise a more flexible arrangement so speak to Steve Eakins (treasurer) or Focco van der Vegt (secretary). Students & anyone with financial 'issues' pay £20 per month, again , speak to Steve.  Oh, and if you've got any Olympic Water Polo medals then there may be a discount.

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